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SP Customs provides a wide range of custom clearing services and freight forwarding options when it's time to export from or to Australia. With a highly experienced team of clearance professionals, SP Customs is a name you can trust when it comes to clearing cargo through all the relevant border protection channels.

We are thorough, affordable, trusted within the industry, and have built a fantastic reputation servicing both individuals and businesses alike. While the processes and strict rulings and federal laws involved when it comes to importing and exporting from Australia may seem a little tricky or weighed down by regulatory restraints, SP Customs completely streamlines the process by minimising the potential for setbacks and delays.

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Why choose SP Customs to clear your cargo?

We process both air and sea cargo through some of the major ports throughout Australia. We are always looking to create the best possible custom clearing solution for our clients, in which we strive to save them both time and money; two things, it’s safe to say, that are of the most importance, especially in business.

SP Customs will complete all the necessary paperwork and documentation, tariff and quarantine potentialities, and ensure your goods arrive safely and on time. SP Customs annually clear a huge variety of parcels, personal effects, precious cargo, and other goods that either enter or leave the shores of our Australian ports, and we do so in a way that leaves everyone involved – be it the regulatory bodies or the client themselves – one hundred percent satisfied.

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