Seafreight – LCL

Seafreight – LCL

SP Customs provide a wide range of shipping and custom-clearing solutions for personal, business, and full-time importers and exporters. Our list of services, coupled with our wealth of knowledge and consulting ability, has helped thousands of people effectively clear their goods through some of the major ports in Australia, and with a variety of methods. Both airfreight and sea, personal effects and even parcel post shipping, SP Customs is a one-stop shop when it’s time to import and export from the shores of Australia.  One of the most common processes we undertake, however, is effectively clearing sea freight through all the customs and quarantine channels, predominantly in an LCL capacity (which simply stands for less than a container load.) In other words, and considering your goods will be sharing a container with other importers/exporters, there are certain procedures and documentation that we will require before we can begin. In order for us to clear your sea freight shipment effectively, we require the following paperwork:

  •   A copy of the commercial invoice of the goods
  •   Clear photos of the goods in question
  •   The full packing list
  •   The bill of lading
  •   The appropriate LCL packing declaration form
  •   An authorisation form that is signed
  •   As well as a fumigation certificate (if of course, your items contain wood or plant material)

Once the goods arrive, they are taken to the appropriate depot for unpacking and separating. Like any shipment that arrives on our shores, and before your goods are officially cleared and released, they may be scrutinized and subject for various inspections. Considering the container will be a mixed bag, having all your documentation in order and allowing SP Customs to navigate the process will be an integral component in clearing your goods. Furthermore, once your shipment is processed, you have a three-day window to pick up your goods after they have been unpacked, or you can arrange SP Customs to take care of that as well as and have them delivered to your door to save you the trouble.

So if you’re in the process of organising a shipment by sea freight, then talk to SP Customs today about all the particulars involved. Let us take the hassle out of shipping your goods around the world.

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