Customs Clearing

Customs Clearing

SP Customs provides some of the best shipping and custom-clearing services currently available. Along with our experienced agents, SP Customs boasts a range of the latest technological tools belonging to the world of cargo tracking and duty calculations. As well as simplifying the documentation process and appeasing government regulations, SP Customs will also offer you, and in real-time, all the relevant information about your shipping consignments, as well as the particulars associated with your goods. This not only offers a sense of reassurance and process, but also a manageable timeline in which to work around. Be it airfreight or by sea, an LCL (less than container load) or FCL (full container load) SP Customs is equipped to process your cargo in an efficient and cost-efficient way, and throughout all the major ports in Australia. That’s what we’re here to do. To clear customs and have your goods either on their way, or safely in your possession.

Do I really need a custom-clearing agent such as SP Customs?

While the temptation to mitigate an extra cost by importing or exporting on your own is always there, we are here to offer some hard truths. There is a plethora of government regulations and intricate laws you need to be well aware of in order to minimise the potential of costly delays or errors when clearing customs, as the world of importing and exporting can be a tricky one, should you undertake it alone.

Ultimately, SP Customs wants to save you the headache.

Australia has very strict quarantine and shipping tariff regulations that should be dealt with by an experienced customs broker such as SP Customs, so engaging us is always recommended. As well as the possible hurdles listed above, imported goods are also required by law to be scrutinized and officially assessed for a number of other issues such as duty, GST, and other taxes your goods may incur. Without the right knowledge or shipping solutions, clearing customs really can be a difficult proposition, so that’s why it is imperative to at least consult with us before deciding to import or export out of the country. We will handle all the required paperwork, the challenges around duties, possible taxes, required permits, as well as satisfying all the appropriate government bodies to guarantee a trouble-free clearance of your precious goods.

As part of our service, we will ensure the following:

  •     All the appropriate lodgement of required import declaration forms to the ACBPS (Australian Customs and Border Protection Service) are ticked off
  •     Streamline the electronic clearance regulations and conditions involved with your shipment
  •     Liaise with the Department of Agriculture in order (if required) to obtain a quarantine clearance for your shipment
  •     And regularly update you with all the latest status reports that come through

SP Customs is a name you can trust when it comes to clearing customs. We are here to offer you the very best in customs and shipping solutions, so if you are needing to clear customs in the near future, get in touch with us today.

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