Parcel Post

Parcel Post

SP Customs is a customs clearing business you can trust when you’re shipping either in or out of the country. While the laws and government regulations can be strict with fines and hefty penalties as a result of not following the correct shipping protocols, SP Customs is here to ease the hassle of shipping goods and clearing customs through most major ports in Australia.

And that goes for our parcel post clearing as well.

While we offer other shipping solution services ranging from sea freight LCL and FCL, airfreight, customs clearing, and personal effects shipping, SP Customs regularly takes the headache out of clearing your parcels as they arrive. Furthermore, and when ordering a parcel from overseas that is valued over a thousand Australian dollars, you should note that the parcel will eventually end up at the international mail centre. From there, once it’s documented and logged of course, you’ll then receive a letter from Australia post offering two options moving forward. Those options are:

  •     Clearing customs on your own, mitigating any extra costs by using a third party such as SP Customs.
  •     Or option two: engaging with SP Customs that can clear your parcel on the very same day, as well as taking care of any legal requirements and pesky red tape.

While it may sound tempting to some to go at it alone, at least in the short term, there is a lot of legal requirements and possible inspection issues that may arise, not to mention that clearing it on your own can take up to ten business days. It’s not hard to determine the better option, an option that will save you both time and money in the future.

Why do I need to do if I choose SP Customs to clear my parcel?

While we take the heavy lifting out of clearing your parcel through customs, there are a few required documents that we need to get the ball rolling. They are as follows:

  •     The initial letter from Australia post informing you of your arrived goods
  •     Your receipt of the purchased items
  •     The right authorisation form that you can find on our website, with your signature

Once SP Customs has these important documents, then clearing your parcel through customs becomes a straightforward proposition. Again, you can choose to go at it alone, but even if you import or export regularly, clearing customs as an individual can be a daunting prospect. SP Customs, through our wealth of experience and by reinforcing our industry foothold, can expedite the process and have you and your goods reunited in no time, and with the potential of identifying possible GST exemptions or tariff concessions. How good does that sound?

Avoid costly delays and harsh penalties and contact SP Customs today about clearing your parcels through the maze that can be the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service.

We’re ready when you are.

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