SP Customs is a trusted and reputable name when it comes to importing and exporting from Australia. We are a customs-clearing business that offers a wide range of shipping and customs solutions, and through most of the major ports across Australia. We handle a large percentage of shipping freight in either an LCL (less than container load) or FCL (full container load) capacity, as well as parcel post and personal effects shipping. While our services are extensive across the sea, we of course process airfreight in a way that has our customers assured and relaxed with the outcome. SP Customs airfreight services are some of the best currently available, as we take care of every step and tick every official box.

What is involved with Airfreight shipping?

SP Customs will take the hassle out of shipping your goods and streamline all the necessary processes involved. We will appease government regulations and the industry bodies, so that you can get a resolution as quick as possible. If you are shipping goods via airfreight, there are three important steps to follow for an effective and trouble-free process when clearing customs. They are:

  • Providing SP Customs with an invoice for the goods
  • roviding the appropriate Airway bill
  • And signing and sending back the required authorisation form

After you have provided SP Customs with these important documents, we can start the official airfreight process. Once your goods land, it is important to note the likely outcomes that may eventuate, in which there are three. They can either be that your goods are efficiently cleared by both customs and quarantine and released, which is the most desired result. Two, your goods are cleared by customs but are inspected by quarantine before they are officially released. And three; both customs and quarantine require an inspection of your goods. It happens, but whatever the case and regardless of the steps required to having your goods released, SP Customs takes the hassle out of shipping your goods by air freight, so that you don’t have to stress. We will pick up your goods from the airport terminal, communicate with all the relevant people on the ground, clear your goods through the appropriate channels or possible inspections, and then have your items on your way to your doorstep.

That’s the importance and utility of having an experienced customs agent such as SP Customs on your side when it comes to airfreight shipping. Get in touch with us today to discuss your next shipment.

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